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21 June 2016

Environmental Rights Win at iSimangaliso

A victory for environmental rights has been achieved as a court bid by two farmers to force iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site to artificially breach the uMfolozi River mouth has failed.

26 May 2016

PROSPERO’S LESSONS: Adaptation and reinvention is required to leapfrog environmental destruction.

Once upon a time, long, long ago the activities of Earthlings began to alter the composition of Earth’s atmosphere to such an extent that they began to burn up. The Earthlings that had previously flourished and multiplied across the face of the plant began to die in their billions...

28 April 2016


Assassins disguised as police officers. Violence. Intimidation. Bribery. A close-knit community torn apart by outsiders with ulterior motives. It sounds like the latest Hollywood blockbuster but it’s taking place on the idyllic Wild Coast. And it’s been going on for more than 10 years.

07 April 2016

Some Pros and Cons of the National Air Quality Offsets Guideline

The Air Quality Management Offset Guideline published on 18 March 2016 is aimed at providing a guide to industry, government, consultants, the general public and stakeholders regarding appropriate principles to be adhered to in assessing the need for and designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of air quality offsets.

04 April 2016

Patel wrong about De Beers Pass, N2 Wild Coast projects

Minister Ebrahim Patel in his briefing on the expansive development of infrastructure in South Africa, at a recent Employment and Infrastructure Development Cluster, is under the incorrect impression in respect of the De Beer’s Pass (National Road 3 Keeversfontein to Warden) and the proposed N2 Wild Coast Highway toll project (East London to eThekwini).

23 March 2016

Breaching the uMfolozi river mouth violates the rights of Nature

The use of heavy earth moving equipment by the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Management Authority to open the mouth of the uMfolozi river to the sea last week was an ecologically destructive act and wrong in the deepest sense of that word. It was almost certainly also required by law.

29 February 2016

COP out - Earth’s Rights neglected in favour of market driven forces

When world leaders celebrated a ‘decisive’ outcome at COP21 they were inadvertently demonstrating the utter futility of continuing to believe that we can rely on United Nations processes to prevent catastrophic climate change.

26 February 2016

Protection of trees in the City of Cape Town

Did you know it is illegal to cut down or chop trees on public property in Cape Town? Learn more about the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality By-laws relating to trees below.

16 February 2016

Cullinan & Associates acts for the Harrismith Business Forum in their opposition to the construction of the De Beers Pass Route

Cullinan & Associates acts for the Harrismith Business Forum in their opposition to the construction of the De Beers Pass Route

05 February 2016

Mass balloon releases are illegal in South Africa

Mass balloon releases are illegal in South Africa

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