Con Court dismisses Sanral's Leave to Appeal over Winelands Toll

10 February 2017

The Constitutional Court has dismissed Sanral’s application for leave to appeal in the Cape Winelands N1 and N2 toll road case with costs.  The court found unanimously that Sanral’s application had no prospects of success. Cullinan & Associates are proud to have represented the City of Cape Town in this epic battle through the courts in order to secure this important victory for the people of Cape Town.  This litigation not only prevented toll fees that were much higher than those levied in Gauteng being imposed in Cape Town, it was also a victory for public accountability and fiscal prudence and set important precedents in relation to access to justice and information.

Read more about the journey here.

22 September 2017

Environmental Assessment Practitioners: Reform and regulation at last?

A tension exists between the legal requirement for an EAP to be independent from the person making the application (the Applicant) and yet being dependent on Applicants for work in compiling environmental assessment reports.

07 July 2017

The N2 Wild Coast Toll Road: Is this what we call 'development'?

"They bring the N2 and tell us this is development. Why must development come from the top and not from us?” – Baliwe Dlamini, Resident

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