Cullinan & Associates launches urgent interdict to prevent Kropz dewatering Elandsfontein Aquifer

16 October 2017

On 10th Ocotber, we launched an urgent interdict yesterday for our client, West Coast Environmental Protection Association, to stop Kropz Elandsfontein (Pty) Ltd from dewatering the Elandsfontein aquifer without a valid water use licence. The National Water Act provides that a water use licence is automatically suspended as soon as an appeal to the Water Tribunal is lodged. Kropz continues to dewater the aquifer despite having knowledge of the appeal suspending its water use licence, and despite not having challenged the validity of the appeal in the tribunal or court. Kropz’s wilful and unlawful flouting of the principle of legality leaves WCEPA with no option but to approach the courts for urgent relief, in the public interest.

Our senior associate, Walter Anderson, was interviewed on CapeTalk - listen here.

We will supply updates as soon as they become available.
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12 November 2017

Rights of Nature Tribunal in Bonn finds legals systems incapable of preventing climate change

Cormac Cullinan was a judge on the Tribunal, which heard seven cases from around the world which collectively demonstrated that global and national climate change commitments cannot be met without fundamental changes to the legal systems which legalise the activities that cause climate change and the destruction of the ecological systems on which life depends

09 November 2017

Meet our team – Tendai Bonga

A Zimbabwean, born and bred, Tendai has been admitted to the High Courts of both South Africa and Zimbabwe, and has experience practicing law in both countries.

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