How spot on is your legal compliance?

18 November 2016

How spot on is your legal compliance?

Are you an employer? 

Have you considered the health and safety of your staff and the implications of non-compliance for your business?

Do your activities impact the environment – be it through waste disposal, soil management, water use or a range of other direct and indirect impacts?

Businesses and employers in all industries, with the exception of mining and certain parts of the shipping industry, are required to adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 and the more than 20 regulations that fall under it, or face significant fines or imprisonment.

Additionally, any business activity that impacts on the environment must comply with a raft of regulations that cover air quality, water management, waste management and more. Again, non-compliance poses major risks to businesses and employers – who can face large fines and even prison terms for contravention.

However, with dozens of regulations across health, safety and environmental requirements, many businesses find it extremely difficult and hugely expensive to ensure compliance at all times – particularly as the laws are changed and updated regularly.

Larger businesses may also find that ensuring the actions of hundreds or thousands of employees are appropriate and compliant with the law is an almost impossible task. Again, the risks faced by the employer are huge.

However, there is a tool that you can use to make compliance effortless.

SpotOn is here to help

Cullinan & Associates are pleased to provide a solution for employers of all sizes who are affected by these regulations and the associated risks in the form of our innovative, easy-to-use and extremely cost-effective online compliance management tool, SpotOn.

SpotOn has been created by our team of lawyers, all experts in environmental and health & safety law, to make the process of becoming and staying compliant simple, cost-effective and stress-free for employers.

SpotOn is an online platform that gives you, and your team, total control, insight and access into the legal requirements that specifically affect your business.

SpotOn makes it easy for you to comply with national regulations and international standards like ISO 14001: 2015 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety). Our advice is constantly updated to reflect changes in the law and international best practice – and it is tailored to each of your business activities, at each site that you operate.

Not only that, but this powerful, tailored approach to compliance is presented in plain language, meaning you do not have to interpret reams of legalese. The system is organised around your specific business activities and is fully searchable – so users don’t need any legal knowledge to find and identify what they need to do to comply for any given activity.

How It Works

Once you have signed up, we will conduct a telephone interview to help  identify the legal requirements that apply to your business. Our team then creates a unique profile for your business that outlines each requirement that is applicable to each business activity undertaken.

Our clients find the system so functional and easy-to-use that no training is required to operate it – however, you can contact your client advisor at any time for further assistance.

You also have access to our expert legal team to provide clarification on any aspect of the law and, should you need expert guidance, our team are able to provide extremely competitive quotes on helping you overcome any problems that might be a hurdle to compliance.

The system is extremely secure, accessible to an unlimited number of users, always up-to-date and available anytime and anywhere to provide the precise information you need to reduce your compliance risks.

SpotOn is cost effective

SpotOn will reduce your compliance costs and protect you against the very significant financial and reputational risks associated with non-compliance. 

The annual subscription fee is a fraction of what it would cost a business to keep itself abreast of legislative changes and get compliance advice from expert attorneys and consultants. Subscribers save time and money every year because everyone in the organisation can find the answers they need quickly and easily and both internal and external audits can be done faster and cheaper.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us today for a no-obligations conversation – and discover how our platform and process will transform the way you work.

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