Walter Anderson

Senior Associate


Reading for LLM (University of Cape Town)
LLB (Unisa)


Attorney of the High Court of South Africa


EnAct International (consultant)
Environmental Law Association (member)

Walter is an associate at Cullinans with prior commercial experience and a passion for sustainable development. He started as candidate attorney at Cullinans after completing his LLB and attending the LSSA School for Legal Practice at the University of Cape Town where he attained the highest national average. He was awarded the LSSA Best Student Award as well as a number of Top Achiever Awards. Walter is currently reading for an LLM at UCT.

Walter has experience in matters relating to water rights, environmental authorisations, sectional title law, land-use planning, mining law, waste management, renewable energy, access-and-benefit sharing policy, legislative reviews, judicial reviews and ISO 14001 compliance reviews. 

Walter is also the founder of Legum Creativa, an initiative through which persons in the creative economy are educated on issues such as the nature of intellectual property rights, good IP practices and commercial rights management.