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We often take on community cases, where we assist small, generally rural, communities defend the ecological and social fabric of their areas. While we do our best to keep costs to a minimum, bringing a legal case inevitably costs these communities substantially. You can support our community cases by contributing directly to them so that they can allocate their funds most appropriately. Currently, we invite you to support the following cases:

Opposition to the proposed development at the River Club, Observatory, Cape Town

Cullinan & Associates is representing the Observatory Civic Association (OCA) and the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council (GKKITC) in their opposition to the proposed developed at the River Club on the banks of the Leisbeek River. Notably, the proposed development is intended to accommodate Amazon's regional headquarters in Africa. We contend that the proposed development would irreparably harm the last remaining natural part of the Liesbeek River, sensitive receiving environment and floodplains, as well as destroy the significant heritage of the Khoi and San people associated with the area.

On 19 January 2022, Cullinan and Associates applied for an urgent interim interdict to stop further construction of the development. You can read the notes for oral argument below:

Notes for Oral Argument

On 21 March 2022, the Western Cape High Court granted the interdict and halted the development, ruling that the developers did not adequately consult with the affected First Nation Groups. The interim interdict will remain in place, pending a review of the relevant environmental land use authorisations to develop the floodplain. You can read the interdict judgement below:

OCA interdict judgement

You can support the OCA and GKKITC’s continued opposition to the development by donating Here

You can view the pleadings for the interim interdict below:

Pages 1-818

Pages 819 - 962

Pages 963 - 1042

Pages 1043 - 1197

Pages 1198 - 1317

Pages 1318 - 1417

Pages 1418 - 1429

Pages 1430 - 2564

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Pages 3160 - 3187

Page 2787 - A

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Shell's proposed seismic blasting on South Africa's Wild Coast

According to the Final Approved Environmental Management Programme (EMPr), Shell's proposed seismic survey involves extremely loud (220 decibels) underwater explosions or discharges at intervals of 10 to 20 seconds which are to continue 24 hours per day for four to five months. The survey would have harmful impacts on the Wild Coast's marine ecosystems and coastal communities.

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