Hercules Wessels


Hercules is a qualified attorney and gained commercial and general litigation experience during his articles at one of the leading law firms in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. He made the move to Cullinan & Associates as an associate in February 2019 to combine his litigation experience with his passion for nature and wildlife conservation and his vision for cultivating resilient, equitable relationships between communities and the environment they are part of. At Cullinans, Hercules has been able to pursue this passion and vision by practicing environmental law. He is also a member of the Environmental Law Association, a member of the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature and also the European Network for Restorative Justice. He has also presented at international conferences on environmental law, environmental harm, earth jurisprudence and restorative justice.

His experience includes providing advice to individual, non-profit and corporate clients, drafting and responding to appeals against environmental authorisations, undertaking due diligence studies, assisting with legislative drafting in Lesotho, identifying legal risks, conducting environmental legal compliance audits in South Africa and Lesotho, drafting legal registers and assisting clients with litigious matters regarding administrative, climate, contract, criminal, delict, environmental, expropriation, information, medicinal cannabis, municipal and procurement law and renewable energy law.

Hercules is currently pursuing a LLM in the United Kingdom and is on sabbatical from September 2022 to August 2023.