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Beyond Business as Usual

In the past companies could get away with putting the health of people and ecosystems at risk in the pursuit of profit. Those days are gone. The future belongs to businesses and social enterprises that profit by enhancing, not undermining, the health of the communities and environments within which they operate.

Whether your organisation is taking its first steps into the green economy or is already a leader in it, you will benefit from our creativity and the expertise and know-how that we have built up over 20 years of experience in this sector. We provide solid advice and legal support that enables businesses and socially-beneficial enterprises:

  • to establish themselves, and to grow and transact with others;
  • to comply with rapidly changing environmental and health and safety law by using state-of-the-art legal compliance software (SpotOn);
  • to respond to environmental and health and safety incidents and emergencies and directives from environmental authorities;
  • to address contaminated land and pollution issues, including clean-ups;
  • to structure transactions and draft contracts that protect them from incurring potentially massive environmental liabilities;
  • to understand the environmental law and policy landscape and develop sound strategies, polices and internal systems;
  • to transform their internal governance systems by shaping innovative memoranda of incorporation and constitutions and managing environmental risk;
  • to develop green businesses and take advantage of emerging opportunities in this burgeoning sector;
  • to undertake environmental due diligences; and
  • to identify investors and partners for green enterprises among our clients and through the Green Innovation Forum of Southern Africa.

Leaders in the green economy need vision, values, expertise, innovation, and commitment. Shouldn’t your lawyers epitomise what you stand for?