18A Ascot Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708


Cormac Cullinan set himself a goal of establishing a boutique environmental law practice in South Africa while completing his environmental law Masters degree at London University. In 1994 he established EnAct International in London and shared his dream with Terry Winstanley, then a young environmental lawyer working in Durban. However it was not until 1997 that the dream came to fruition when Terry moved to Cape Town and with Cormac’s support established the firm (as Winstanley Attorneys) and the South African office of EnAct International. Cormac returned from London to Cape Town in 1999 and became a director of the firm (then Winstanley, Smith and Cullinan). Over the years the firm’s name has changed as first Nicholas Smith, and later Terry Winstanley, left the firm.

Today Cullinans is led by three directors: Cormac Cullinan, Gregory Daniels and Sarah Kvalsvig, and has a branch office in Durban. In recognition of the growing contribution of green businesses to ecological sustainability, the firm expanded its legal services beyond environmental law and also offers corporate law services to green entrepreneurs and businesses such as renewable energy, clean technology and sustainable investment enterprises.

The directors all have masters degrees in environmental law and all of the firm's attorneys have excellent academic qualifications backed up by practical experience, together with a personal commitment to excellence. Each attorney's work undergoes internal review by colleagues in order to make the best use of the firm's combined expertise. The firm’s attorneys are also supported by two senior consultants: Ingrid Coetzee, the CEO of EnAct International, and Barry Adams, a senior commercial lawyer with more than 20 years' experience.

Since the outset the firm has taken pride in producing high quality work that combines rigorous intellectual analysis and practical experience with a commitment to excellence. Today it has a well established reputation for integrity, effective problem-solving and for providing a personal service attuned to the needs of our clients.