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Cullinan & Associates

As leaders in the fields of environmental and green business law we have an enormous depth of experience and provide our clients with excellent legal services. But it's our insight, values and commitment that make us exceptional.

We understand that humanity's greatest challenge in the 21st Century is building socially just and ecologically sustainable communities. Our role is to empower the people who are shaping a better future for us all to be more effective, whether they be big or small, pioneers or polluters. If that what you are about then we want to help you succeed.

Everyone who deals with us knows where we stand and that we take our values and ethics seriously. Our commitment, purpose and dedication make a difference. It's why we are a high-impact firm, why we litigate fiercely when required, and why our opinions and advice are widely respected - even by our opponents.

So if you are just looking for a green-wash, we are not the lawyers for you. But if you take sustainability seriously and enjoy working with people who share your commitment, call us - you will be glad that you did.

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