Our ethos

We are highly effective because we practice law with purpose and focus. We understand what needs to be done, we have the expertise to do it well, and the determination and courage of our convictions to see it through

Our lawyers and professionals not only guide our clients through the environmental law landscape, they play a leading role in shaping it by:

  • developing and drafting sustainable development policies, laws and treaties in South Africa, the SADC region and beyond;
  • advising a variety of public sector bodies at every level;
  • winning important, precedent-setting environmental cases; and
  • becoming nationally and internationally-recognised thought leaders through their writings, lecturing and speaking engagements.

Commitment to our clients

Every person at Cullinans is focused on providing the highest-quality specialist legal service in a friendly, personal and professional manner. We promise each client that we will always:

  • Keep the ultimate objective in sight

We ask our clients at the outset what outcome they want to achieve and make sure that we adopt an appropriate strategy to achieve it. If you are in a dispute with a party with whom you have a valued relationship or with a government regulator, we know how to be firm without burning bridges or undermining trust.

  • Represent your interests vigorously and expertly

We love what we do, believe that we can make a difference and work hard to exceed our client’s expectations. You can trust us to protect and advance your interests every step of the way.

  • Do what needs to be done efficiently and cost-effectively

We believe that acting in the best interests of our clients means adding value not wasting their money. Our clients know that we focus on achieving successful outcomes efficiently and avoid running up billable hours or protracting litigation unnecessarily.

  • Return phone calls and emails promptly

You pay us to advise you, and we’ll be available when you want our advice.

  • Give advice that is practical, understandable and to the point

We believe in straight-talking and clear, concise communication. We don’t encode our communications in legalese or Latin. We focus on helping our clients to make the best decisions by explaining their options and the opportunities and risks associated with each one.

  • Apply the skills of our whole team to help accomplish your goal

We work as a team to ensure that each client benefits from the collective expertise of the whole firm. The lawyer handling your matter will draw on the diverse skills and experience of colleagues and our opinions are peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy, quality and consistency.

  • Act ethically and with the highest integrity

It should go without saying but unfortunately nowadays some people believe that ethics and integrity should not get in the way of winning. At Cullinans we act ethically and we win. Integrity and honesty are fundamental to who we are, and that’s why we are trusted by our clients, colleagues and by authorities.

Our staff really care about helping people, businesses, municipalities, government bodies, non-profit organizations, and communities flourish and become more ecologically sustainable.