About us

We specialize in high-impact, precedent-setting cases that protect our constitutional rights, our people and the environment.

Cullinans has a reputation for being an innovative and visionary firm on the cutting edge of environmental law practice. The firm has always taken pride in producing high quality work that combines rigorous intellectual analysis and practical experience with a commitment to excellence. We are known for integrity, effective problem-solving and for providing a personal service attuned to the need of our clients.

In 2022 Cullinan’s celebrated 25 years of practice. Our story began with Cormac’s ambition to establish a boutique environmental law practice in South Africa.  While living in London in the 1990s, he obtained a Masters degree in environmental law from London University, and established an environmental governance consultancy (EnAct International) that worked in over 40 countries.  Cormac and Terry Winstanley decided to collaborate to make the dream a reality. In 1997 Terry moved to Cape Town and with Cormac’s support established the firm (as Winstanley Attorneys). In 1999 when Cormac returned from London to Cape Town he became a director of the partnership (then Winstanley, Smith and Cullinan). The firm was subsequently incorporated and renamed “Cullinan & Associates” after the departure of first Nicholas Smith and then Terry Winstanley.