Phillipa King


Phillipa joined Cullinan & Associates as a consultant in February 2021. She holds both a BComm and LLB from Rhodes University, and an LLM in Marine and Environmental Law from the University of Cape Town (which was awarded with distinction). Phillipa completed her articles at Bowmans in 2011 before joining a specialist environmental law firm where she practiced for a number of years. She has also lectured environmental law at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Cape Town and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Phillipa’s experience includes providing advice to individual and corporate clients on a range of environmental and sustainability law issues (including planning and development; mining; agriculture; waste management and pollution control; natural resource management; coastal management; and renewable energy); environmental compliance and due diligence assessments, environmental appeal processes and assisting with litigious matters. She has also assisted with drafting legal aspects of provincial and municipal coastal management programmes and drafting coastal management by-laws.