Title: National Environmental Management Act, 1998: Notice of the Intention to Adopt Environmental Management Instruments for the Purpose of Excluding In Terms of Section 24(c) and (e) of the National Environmental management Act, 1998, Identified Activities From the Requirement to Obtain Environmental Authorisation  

Gazette reference: GN 4386 in GG 50138 of 16 February 2024 

Commencement date: 17 March 2024  

On 16 February 2024, the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment gave notice of her intention to adopt the Kruger National Park Management Plan 2018-2028 and the Generic Environmental Management Programme for the Kruger National Park as environmental management instruments.  

Based on this adoption, the Minister intends to exclude the South African National Parks from the requirement to obtain an environmental authorisation, prior to the commencement of certain activities, when undertaken in line with the zoning scheme in the Kruger National Park Management Plan. 

The exclusion is subject to compliance with the Generic Environmental Management Programme for the Kruger National Park and the Code of Conduct for the Kruger National Park. All documents related to this exclusion are available on this link on the departmental webpage:

The excluded activities are: 

  • All activities listed in the Annual Infrastructure Project Implementation Plan; 
  • All activities related to maintenance; and 
  • All activities related to conservation projects or rehabilitation.  

In the context of these activities, the following activities do not form part of the exclusion: 

  • All energy activities related projects for which an atmospheric emission license is required; and 
  • All waste management activities for which a waste management license is required.  

In these cases, an application for an environmental authorisation is required.